Bariatric Surgery in India

Obesity has become a serious health issue over the years. It mainly affects patients associated with diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, coronary artery disease and sleep apnea.

Since the 1950s, bariatric surgery (also known as metabolic surgery) has helped many people suffering from obesity and has been used as a treatment for weight loss.

In countries like U.S., Canada, Europe and South Africa, bariatric surgery is expensive and waiting time to get a surgery done is very long. Traveling across borders to get bariatric surgery has become common, not only because of the lower cost, also due to advanced surgical techniques and high-quality facilities.

Why is Bariatric Surgery Preferred in India?

India has over the years has developed to become the preferred destination for patients seeking bariatric surgery. India is favored is because you can gain access to:

  • High quality and cost effective medical facilities including modern intensive care units, surgical procedures, interventional radiology and imaging capabilities.
  • Treatment by renowned surgeons without long waiting periods.
  • Peri-operative care with education and preparation before the operation, continuous care and follow up post operation.
Bariatric Surgeries Days in Hospital
Gastric Bypass 5
Sleeve Gastrectomy 4
Lap Gastric Banding 5

Gain access to high quality and cost effective medical facilities

Gain access to renowned surgeons without long waiting periods


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