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Which patients would find the services of Medi Bridge India most useful?

Foreign medical tourists who would like to visit India for medical treatment, especially those who are uninsured or under-insured, and face issues of high medical costs and high out-of-pocket medical costs, would find Medi Bridge India's services useful. Being a certified medical tourism company, Medi Bridge India can facilitate the best quality treatment for medical tourists at the best hospitals, at much lower costs, in India.

For whom do Medi Bridge India's services provide the most relief?

Those customers who face the possibility of having to undergo a medical/surgical procedure that costs much beyond their medical insurance, or is simply beyond their financial power, can derive the maximum benefits by making use of Medi Bridge India's services.

Is the operation of Medi Bridge India against the prevalent healthcare system in India?

The operation of Medi Bridge India's services will never affect the existing healthcare system in India. Its services will only help the existing healthcare sector by facilitating treatment for thousands of patients from all over the world, who continue to suffer from their ailments because they cannot afford rising healthcare costs. Medi Bridge India's services will offer relief to them in terms of quality healthcare at an affordable price, that too in an atmosphere that they feel secure and comfortable with.


Why is overseas treatment so affordable?

The cost of healthcare in developing countries has no relation to the quality provided. Low cost, high-quality healthcare is only a result of the kind of health care structure that is built up in those countries, jointly by the government and the existing healthcare providers. Certain government policies also contribute towards making healthcare affordable in these countries. Competition among health care providers is also high in these countries, leading to a quality treatment being offered at a low price.

Won't travel expenses cut into my savings?

The cost of travel to developing countries from developed countries is not a huge expense, as travel rates to such countries are quite cheap. Travel-related costs consume a very minute percentage of your savings, and you won't regret spending an optimal amount for treatment overseas compared to the exorbitant amounts that you may have to spend in your home country, which can also affect your budget.

What about unexpected expenses during the trip?

Unexpected expenses are not a must; they can be avoided with proper planning. Once you associate yourself with Medi Bridge India, our consultants facilitate detailed discussions with your chosen health care provider and preferred physician and help in planning out your finances from the very start to the end. Sometimes a few extra medical tests or treatments may be required, depending on the course of treatment and the healing process. But they can be managed well, within your budget, with the help of Medi Bridge India.


How is the quality of healthcare in India?

India offers nothing but the best in quality healthcare. With several international hospital chains and JCI accredited hospitals in India, the services and facilities offered are of the best in the world. The physicians and caregivers are mostly from western medical universities, with years of experience in providing treatment. Besides this fact, Medi Bridge India also ensures that each and every patient gets treatment from the best and the most efficient health care-givers, depending on the ailment and treatment that is required.

There is a general opinion among many that India is a poor country with several people below the poverty line, living in poor hygienic conditions. Would it be safe to opt for medical treatment in such a country?

India, just like any other nation that achieved its independence in the last century, has its own set of problems in ensuring the same good quality and high standard of living to all its citizens. But in spite of being a third world country with the second highest population figure in the world, India is also one of the world's fastest emerging economies with a rapid growth rate, which is reflected in its GDP. With liberalization policies allowing foreign countries to invest in it, India has successfully developed its tertiary sector, that is, services, and has managed to build up a very strong base as far as the medical/ healthcare sector is concerned. Foreign direct investment and governmental policies have also ensured that only the best facilities and qualified medical practitioners be allowed to cater to the needs of medical tourists. Hence, there is no need to fear when choosing India as a destination for medical treatment.


Can I have discussions regarding my health conditions with the physician who will be treating me in India?

Medi Bridge India will ensure that you get to speak to the doctor/physician/ surgeon who will be treating you, by phone or by video chat, to build your confidence and rapport level. This will also help you to choose the most satisfactory healthcare provider, as per your needs.

Who will be in charge of my case details and treatment throughout my trip?

Medi Bridge India will assign a consultant officer to every patient who approaches Medi Bridge India, to provide personal assistance on all aspects related to the medical trip, from the details of travel plans, health-care services, treatment, up till recovery.

Can I have a family member or friend accompanying me on my trip?

It is in fact, desirable that every patient has a companion. However, it is important that the traveling companion is of necessary assistance to the patient in all matters of treatment. The required arrangements can be made for the traveling companion as well. A different visa will be needed for the friend/family member, which can be arranged easily.

What about follow-up treatment once I return to my country after the treatment?

Follow up treatment is generally provided as a part of the medical tourism package, often combined with the period that the person spends in recovery in India itself. In case the patient has to return to his home country, the necessary guidance for follow-up treatment, for example, physiotherapy, will be provided so that the same can be obtained by the patient from a local health care center convenient to him.


Will you help in getting me a visa?

Medi Bridge India can definitely assist in getting a medical visa at the earliest possible for its patients, provided the necessary original documents are produced without any glitches. Assistance with visa applications and paperwork will be definitely provided by Medi Bridge India.

What happens after I submit an application?

Once the application is received, Medi Bridge India contacts and coordinates with different healthcare providers in order to determine the best medical center and physicians who can provide the optimum treatment for your specific medical condition. A few different packages are planned out for the patient, which give the best for the least prices. These packages with different cost estimates and benefits are explained to the patient, to give him or her the option of choosing the one most suitable for him/her.

How can I approach Medi Bridge India?

You may contact Medi Bridge India by e-mail info@medibridgeindia.com or phone or simply fill in the form available online on our website, providing as many details as possible. A few documents may need to be submitted, either through fax or email, and these will be notified to you if necessary. Once you submit an application or contact us, we will get back to you with the details and keep in constant touch to provide you the best assistance possible.

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