Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in India

Plastic surgery is that branch of medicine that involves the repair, restoration or correction of form to reduce deformity caused by illnesses or injuries. There are different kinds of plastic surgery, from restorative surgery, cosmetic or aesthetic surgery, microsurgery, and craniofacial surgery.

Reconstructive surgery is typically required to correct unusual structures that are caused by disease, tumors, trauma, infection, abnormalities and congenital defects.

Plastic surgery has been used for many years. There have been many innovations and advancements over the years, from the first breast augmentation in 1895 to skin grafting, hand surgery, cleft lip repair (rhinoplasty), silicone breast implants, craniofacial surgery and reconstructive breast surgery in the 1900s, to modern techniques such as face transplants and endoscopy in the 2000s

While plastic and reconstructive surgery have become popular and more accessible, it is an expensive treatment. Patients are now traveling to countries like India to get treatments for 50 to 90 percent lesser costs at the same high quality available in countries like the U.S.

Why is Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Preferred in India?

India offers medical facilities and hospitals that are at par with international standards and provide a complete package from consultation, diagnostics, treatment, and therapy. India is a preferred destination because you can gain access to:

  • Hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art medical infrastructure and advanced technology required for new procedures.
  • Experienced and qualified plastic surgeons and microsurgeons skilled in performing the entire range of plastic and reconstructive surgery, from cleft lip surgery, facial surgery, breast implants, reconstructive surgery for correction or repair of congenital deformities, and new procedures such as microvascular techniques.
  • Hospitals and specialty centers also have occupational therapists and physiotherapists who provide post-surgery care to augment recovery of patients.

Get high quality consultation, diagnosis, treatment and therapy

Gain access to experienced plastic surgeons and microsurgeons

Get Reliable and Affordable Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in India

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